Saturday, October 4, 2008


pas de deux

the moon dances around the star at night

into the early morning hours

it keeps its distance

never far away

shining brightly

lighting up patches of the black sky

upon a stage of graceful clouds

a divine eternal boundary

the two tango at arms length

resting between songs

connected by God's sufficient embrace

the Father rests his finger on the sky's stage

changing the painted scenery

refusing to dull the delight of the dancing partners

pas de deux

pirouetting across the sky

one then the other

never long in the same position

in God's territory

bowing and leaping at faith

the star seeking reason and purpose

the light of God's chosen moon

holding it steady

beauty in the motion of dance

an unfamiliar troupe of stars

danced for the Father one night

a performance of wonderment and fear

searing into the star's soul

blinding her gaze

leaving weary steps

forgotten taps

uneven spins

the morning is forgiveness

dawn teaches a new clarity of graceful twirls

a knowing "two-step"

death to life

pain to joy

the evening stage begins to beckons

in the light of darkness

the star and the moon dance

once more

for God

pas de deux


(Copyright 2008: Regina Y. Evans)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Poetry: A Friend Named Trust

this morning as the sun tickled my spirit awake
it dawned on me that i had never thanked it for its divine power
its rays never fail to embrace my face with a calming warmth
incapable of forsaking my smile
each moment my soul trusts in its illuminating beauty
at the noon hour as i passed by a fragrant field of flowers
i realized that i had never bowed down to its glory
its loveliness never ceasing to delight
unable to not bless my desiring eye
every minute my heart trusts in the love of its embracing aroma
as darkness falls the faithful moon will remind the sky of pure beauty
teaching the stars lessons of wisdom and strength
they will learn that God’s lunar expects nothing
seeking only to give the gift of light, of life
in appreciation, i will lift my hands in praise
honoring the free flowing love which has set my being upon the heights
i will hold my friend named Trust gently as He leaves
a trail of grace and faith upon my heart
forever kissing Him in gratitude

(From the poetry book "Nonnie And The Butterfly, Copyright 2008, Regina Y. Evans)