Saturday, March 26, 2011

just a thought (encouragement)

what is for you will not pass you by. it is a blessing bequeathed to you. yes, for you. and YES, for you to utilize as a tool of hope for others. be wise. pray right. forgive. love.

you have to really know and understand that what God has for you is for His purposes. for His reasons. and absolutely nothing can stand in opposition to the will of the Father.

you have your momentum. take flight.
welcome to your destiny.

its time.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my MY

looked out the window
this morning in joy
wanting so much
to soak in
the rain's kisses

have 'em drip upon
my heart. needed
the cool river to
course across my sigh

got myself a surprise though..

had to squint, blink quick
squint some more
cus my eyes had
caught a glimpse of something
running, tripping almost
seemed like
it was movin mightily fast

looked like a, a grin
yes, it was....
and it was slyly glancing
back at me as i was
peering at it

i had to pause
compute why that grin
was. grinning. wiped my eyes
clear and zeroed in.
then noticed that grin thing
was walking off with
all my MY.

"when dat grin been
in my house", i pondered?

couldn't remember
decided it musta been that time i forgot
to put my faith on lockdown....

i sucked my breath in
ever so hard, girded my feet
opened the window sassily
looking at that grin like it was crazy.
jumped up and out
like superwoman
on a mission

ran after that grin so smooth
that i gave it a big fright
so much that it turned itself
into a shrillmouth scream

Lawd Jesus! i tell you that
thing threw up its hands and ran
like a lie always does. trying
ta find some cover.

that was more than
alright with me
yes, yes.
i waved it a good, good-bye.
found myself happy
cus in the course
of it all that grinturnedshrill had released
my MY. dropped it right on the red earth

there is was. all tussled up, in a heap
i let it be for awhile
wanted it to be free to turn over, into
the truth of the matter
before i picked it up again

in a lil while i stooped over
and collected it all. piece by piece.
we embraced. i looked up
arms around  my MY
all the while.
held my face to
the tears that
was drippin' down
 i felt them sing.
started my journey back inside,
grabbed a hold
of my wayward faith on the way.
found myself crossing
a threshold of peace
as my soul,
sighed rightly
and i smiled
at the reign
of things to come

my, my MY


note: hold on to your promises...your my MY! trust that the Lord loves you enough to bring it all about. and when the day happens? rejoice! and use your blessings to drop some sunshine into the lives of those in your sphere of influence. pray, forgive, forgive yourself, love, trust. trust. your God day has smiled upon you. today. selah.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Evans, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


and the river began to flow
somewhere between the tick of the midnight hour
and the dawn's light
didn't you feel the source of faith
racing through the all that
you are destined to become?
i did
and it kissed your name
upon my very wrists


note: for the broken sex trafficked beloved. you are not forgotten. we are coming after you. God. He knows your name. selah.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Evans, All Rights Reserved 

Monday, March 7, 2011


today i did something
completely selfless
i let go of "my"
and glory stayed

her moment is over
His has begun


Friday, March 4, 2011

turtle (or a paint brush)

right now i wish that i were either a turtle or a paint brush.

if i were a turtle then i could pull my legs and head into my shell, read a book in peace, eat m&m's endlessly, and not worry 'bout brushing my teeth. i'd ignore the telephone, sip my fav tea, and think lots about stuff. nothing in particular. just about things that don't try my soul.  i'd sleep soundly like i didn't have a care in the world. and then everything would be totally beautiful.

if i were a paint brush i would dip myself into a river of heaven-made colors. then leap up as far as i could go. hang onto a sunray for awhile. then i'd dancetwirl across the sky.  stroking it with the most vivid of hues for the whole wide world, and beyond, to enjoy.  i'd paint that big ol sky so full of joy and love that it would have no choice but to drip down upon the souls of mankind. and then everything would be totally beautiful.

turtle or paint brush?



Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Evans All Rights Reserved

Thursday, March 3, 2011

it and just that

if you stop short
that ain't love

its just....
something else

cain't explain it
but i know

in the all

not the you
could never
because of
the "it"

"it" don't count
when love
begins to wave
her wand

all borders
melt away

into the
what can
necessarily be

just that.


note: love should fly freely. look around. there are plently of broken folks out there (including you, me, us) that need the embrace of love's unending warm touch. be that. forget the "it" and run like the wind. unhindered.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Evans All Rights Reserved