Tuesday, August 30, 2011

love rant

i am dreaming again about many things: writing, designing. colorfully loud beauty. brilliant creative strokes. the fascination of wisdom.......

....well, i had to "86" several people from my life to be able to get to this release space and i encourage you to do the same if need be. i think sometimes we are afraid to do such a thing. but, i believe that there comes a point in life when and if  there are those around you who bring an unending  negative impact then you need to "untie the rope" (as Tyler Perry wrote once).

look, you have only one life. this is not a dress rehearsal. its the real deal and its your gift! your life was bequeathed to you by the Divine. each and every life deserves to feel the beautiful touch of joy and love. so surround yourself with those who will love you unconditionally, those who will help you heal and mend, with those who make you smile and laugh, and those who you can grow with as you traverse the horizons of life.

let life love you.  journey more and more into the heart of love. it is how it is supposed to be. here's to learning creatively and openly receiving. love.

Monday, August 29, 2011

to the left.right.

lookin' in real close to see what makes my soul laugh, learning the what's what of ticklin' the soles of my feet till they sing out a long chuckle, wanting to know what makes my eyes flicker out a stroke of beauty. finding me. swaying me. to the left. right. and back again. -peaceD


i feel speechless. i'm losing my breath. this is a good thing. god is "strumming my heart with his fingers". i'm falling like goodness to the deep red earth... -peaceD

Saturday, August 27, 2011


the dawn spoke an introduction
and i met my love, again.
at the line of this new day
we shook hands. and
decisively it spilled forth
to place a lavish cooling kiss
upon the soles of my feet.
an occurence that i have desperately missed
for some untold years now.

as it unfolded in wisdom
across the bend of my soul,
i felt a seeping kindness
invade and hijack the cracks of my heart.
as if to shore up the ditches and
valleys left by past blistered marks
of grief's pain.

gently it sang out an operatic verse
of compassion. penned
uniquely for my open pure hearing.
it then reached upon the sky,
grabbed a white feather crayon and
swam out a "thank you". 
for waiting patiently
in tears.
for still desiring
its touch.

in that moment
humility brought the horizon
to dusk. and mercy promised to
hold me forever.

believing in the forever certain
of such a thing grandly caught me
by beautiful surprise.
it felt of the taste of melted blended
buttery chocolate on a breezychilled day.

in rested response, 
my delight fullness bowed back in awe.
and eternal grace led me
in a dance for the ages of time
to come.


(From the poetry book "Not Igual" by Regina Y. Evans, available soon on http://www.smashwords.com/, Copyright 2011)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

poem: you know

dear Lord
where have my eyes been
where has my spirit rested
how could I have denied myself
the delight of loving you
i have no words
but, yet
you know.
i wake in the day’s dawn
loving you
sending kisses
towards the heavens
as my lids shut
to the night’s darkness
boldly in love
you know.
dear Lord
do you hear the love
in my heart
can you see the desire
in my eyes
are you sensing the delight
in my soul
i ask you
do you know
you know.
is my love
for you definable
please understand
i ache to know you
to see the beauty of your grace
do you know
dear Father
you know.
the love of my heart
is profoundly
beyond thought surpassing comprehension
it is the peace of
resting in your
gentle wing
the sweetness of your
warm embrace
do you feel the depths
of my love
for you
i can give you
in comparison to the
love, joy, mercy
that has been placed in my
you love me so
how wonderful
you know.
you know.

(from the poetry book, "Nonnie And The Butterfly", by Regina Y. Evans, Copyright 2008)

My Beloved One is Mine, St. Teresa of Avila

I gave myself to Love Divine,
And lo! my lot so changed is
That my Beloved One is mine
And I at last am surely His.
When the sweet Huntsman from above
First wounded me and left me prone,
Into the very arms of Love
My stricken soul forthwith was thrown.
Since then my life's no more my own
And all my lot so changed
That my Beloved One is mine
And I at last am surely His.

*read more of her poetry here: http://www.poetry-chaikhana.com/T/TeresaofAvil/index.htm#PoemList

Monday, August 22, 2011

something good

"got love on my heart, gigging in my mind, blinkin' my eyes, singin' to my lips, and plucking my spirit. just generally. no specific target. it feels psychedelically atmospheric. yes. and i've decided that this time i will let it stay and grow (cus, ya know...sometimes we do like to do a runner from the caress of love...). so excited to see the new poetry that will flow forth. like a river that twists through the sands of time. gosh, its great to be alive."


Friday, August 19, 2011

red ruby slippers

today feels historic. i am not sure why but it feels as if the earth has been cut in two. top to bottom. revealing a beautiful golden wing of wisdom. and i am to climb upon its softness away (and beyond) to another space and zone.  ‎a place where i have never been. but it knows my name. it has been waiting for me. for many moons. patiently clinging to hope and wishing for my arrival. so, here i am now. at the threshold of another another existence called part two. I am as ready as i will ever be. -peaceD

*i posted this thought this morning on my facebook page. it really resonated with some of my friends. so, i thought i'd leave it here on my blog as well. it is my closing thought for the day!

The Yellow Brick Road

I have absolutely fallen in massive adoring love with The Golden City. And it loves me back. I never thought that it would be the city to bring me my hearts desire. Sometimes its a great thing to follow the yellow brick road! You never know where you will land. Selah. Stick to your own destiny and journey. It loves you!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Words from my fav Poet Singer, Leonard Cohen and my closing thoughts for the day. 
(Anthem Lyrics)

"Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in..."


(you can watch him perform the song at this youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e39UmEnqY8)

the starfish

i met the most beautiful man a couple of days ago. just by chance. his presence felt like a gift and he absolutely took my breath away. some individuals walk upon a horizon of love. he was of that "world". i felt a shift within me that opened up a well of creativity that was previously lying dormant. sometimes the brush stroke of life swoops in upon us within the delicate palm of a beautiful spirit. and we are lucky enough to be drenched with its sweetness. such was the case with the one who stood before me for a tock of time. the starfish. i don't know if i will ever see him again. something within me knows that it doesn't even matter. the beauty of the moment was "the matter".  absolute perfection.  and something so powerfully divine that it left my whole being running through joy. and back again.



last night i danced inside the smile of twilight
while my fingertips touched out a new sway of convergence.
 in that symphonic note of timelessness
 the infinity of me realized that it was time
to sketch upon the waters a swelling concerto.
a rising tide.
in deference, i began to conversate calmly with my heart's flow.
we spoke only of beauty and her offspring.
the conclusion of the matter?
we decided that i am lovely.
as are you.
life, it has its way.


Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved, Regina Y. Evans
From the poetry book "Not Igual", by Regina Y. Evans

Sunday, August 14, 2011


** this is a quick write. it has no name. but the feel as i wrote it was this is: flowing. i hope it makes sense as i dare not change it. sometimes words just flow. the poet's life.-peaceD

i speak this:

lead me as if i am just a child
and i will walk behind you
in your shadow
hold me as if there is no tomorrow
and i will melt into your heart
love me with wild and reckless abandon and
i will kiss you forever and 'round again
cover me in your protective grace and
i will lift up and twirl inside of
your profoundness
take my breath away and i will
remember to arise and conquer
the all of what you have destined me to be.
simply, in this moment i desire to arise
and sit within the center of your love.

love me clearly, Divine Father
i. am. your.child.


Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved, Regina Y. Evans

From the poetry book "Not Igual", by Regina Y. Evans