Monday, April 11, 2011

Poem: Called

a voice called her
to the place of decision
a precipice of the journey
of her life

she answered with her everything

stretching and fashioning her body
flat across filthy grounds
a compassionate covering for the
need of those who required a soft
foot map, bridge, guider
to their destiny

day to night
and in between
found the bend
of her back
uniquely built
for the multitude of
the many whosoever

and there she resided
with the painfully
vast stoop over of her own soul,
for so long, so many
passing times

and the lesson of it all
somehow morphed
into a gift of life
allowing for the
reach down, search into
the forever
dank gutters, icy caves
of lost hope and despair

she recognized
and yet she remained
patient and hope filled

smiling slightly as her hands
tossed up the
bruised hidden souls
that languished in the darkness
of empty, no care

she travailed and silenced their wounded ness
upon her heart,
drying everflowing tears
with an apron made of the rags
of her own life's minutes

but serenity surrounds her day graces
as her beautiful knowing touch softly strokes
the terrain of need filled faces
hunger soaked spirits, yearning minds

yes, she is the one,
agape's progeny,
servant to the invisible,
lover of the unloved lovely

the crown belongs to this
blistered beauty, she
who perservered with a
single jeweled thought:
the necessity to love

she is queen of
the forgotten no one
no ones

maid of love


Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Evans, All Rights Reserved (From the poetry book: Nothing Cool About Ten, By Regina Y. Evans)


Anonymous said...

I like this.
This is solidification.

Regina said...

Thank you. Its one of my favs. Journey of life. -peace