Monday, May 9, 2011

Peaced (Part Two)

I'm shouting my VOICE!

is here and it's mine!

Always say thanks to The One!


Eagles. They do walk, ya know. We fly, we walk, etc, etc, etc

Believe it. believe who GOD says you are. I do!

Bringing dance back to my soul!

"God. He knows bike secrets!"

Love. Love. LOVE!

Just because this is beauty beautiful.

Love. Again. You can never give or get enuf.

Lifting my voice. VOICE. Ya heard??? Yea....

My bestest matey. -peace

I am.....Sho nuff...

Surprise!!!! Found these in my garden this morn! Ahhhhhh!

Ha.ha.HA. ha. HAAAAA!

And, I am off! *whoooosh*


Sunday, May 8, 2011


peace stepped in
and sat right down
in my lap.
grabbed my face
between its letters,
blew something i didn't
know into my eyes
and started laughing!
it was really chuckling, rolling
around on the ground like
a lunatic in joy. it was, well,
something to see.

i was perplexed.
couldn't figure it
out for nothing in the world.
just cus i didn't
recognize this flow.
didn't know that peace
knew how to have fun or
even tell a joke. let alone
be bent over in the middle
of waves of guffaw-ing.

then in a lil while i saw
this lil glimmer. right
in the middle of peaceful's
eye. it started to spread out
like a grand eagle walking.
and then all the sudden
all i could see were wings
opening up into
 it was a mighty sight to reckon.

then it had the nerve to speak!
said, "join me."

all the sudden
this uncontrollable urge
to blast out a down right
raucous and fancy
long riff of laughter
coursed through my

left me all topsy turvy
and back up again. then
rolled me into a ball of
shaking joy.

i tell you, as moments go?
it was a real stunner.

and the kicker?
its still going on in my soul. everlasting.

now, ain't that something?

Copyright 2011, Regina Y. Evans All Rights Reserved

Friday, May 6, 2011


love stretches its fingers
across the rising of the sun.
desiring to plant itself inside
a bundle of sweet peace rays.
finding its core nestled upon
the backneck of delicate hope.
it reaches. lifts up.
to wipe the shine of
humility's justice across its brow.
settling in as a lighthouse for the
brutalized shattered souls.
their feet broken. yet,
trekking towards wholeness.

love splashes upon an ocean
deepened by a multitude
of  twirling sails. singing a siren's
song of faith. sweet delight gingerly
riding on the caressing waves
of curled beauty. morphing into
a harvest of psychedelic
golden streaked crowns. to be
worn by the downtrodden beloved.
the saving grace of beautiful.
finally, the horizon has issued a healing
call on behalf of the lonely.
they shall know truth's joy as
they rest in the arm span of life.

love knows.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Evans, All Rights Reserved