Saturday, December 4, 2010

Poetry: Shifted

he shifted me to a new space
place of love and quiet yearning
for him
in this area i can only see
the abundance and firm
grip of his i am upon my soul
truly, it is the only feel that
i desire my spirit to recognize
the overflow, downpour
the smell of the powerful
reign of his soft presence
i have decided to stay
upon this magic
carpet ride
called the day’s dawn.
loved and loving
with open arms

*i really love this poem and what it says to me. i wrote it some time ago. but, sho nuff it is singing in my this moment! i m currently enjoying (really enjoying) reconnecting with my family. restoration. dancing into a new space. i feel loved and wanted. needed even. it is so funny how we as individuals bloom into the whole once we soak in the life of being loved. knowing love. it feels safe.  and i also feel like i have room to flap my creative wings. gratitude. that is what is roaming within me. gratitude.
plain and simple.

Copyright 2010 Regina Y. Evans, All Rights Reserved (from the book, Nothing Cool About Ten, available now on

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