Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Part Two: The Treasure Hunt

I held my breath and began to believe that I could find my Godly treasures. My eyes were suddenly directed to the living room couch. There I saw my visiting Mother sleeping soundly. I walked over to her and looked down at her beautiful face. She looked like an angel. A small and delicate woman with a heart of gold and fire in her eyes. I placed my hand on her tummy.

"Here," I said to God. "Here it is....my Mommy's womb. It is where you created me. It is where I first remember feeling that "special" kind of peace: protected, loved, not afraid, bold, and free. You built this space, for me. With your Hand, God."

I said, "She used to sing to me you know?".

"Yes she did. A voice of an angel," said God. "Do you remember the song that I taught you to sing while you where in your Mother's womb?" He asked.

"Yes Lord, I remember. Everyday at 6am, I think it was, you gave me a singing lesson! I would wake and you would sing in the most beautiful and calming of voices: If I rise on the wings of the dawn, If I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, Your right hand will hold me fast." I said. "It is still my favourite Psalm."

"So, yes, God, my mother's womb. I think it is the peace that surpasses all understanding. Am I correct?" I asked.

"You have done well Reg." God said with a kiss. "Now onto your second task: everlasting love."

"Oh, everlasting LURVVVVVE!" I said as I looked off dreamily. I looked over to find God shaking His head in amusement. "Reg, the everlasting love that you are seeking in this Treasure Hunt is NOT of this world." He explained. "It is a love that does not require a return, it is free flowing, seeking and wanting only the best for another. It is selfless and giving. It is patient and kind. This is the love that you are seeking." He said.

"Oh!", I said, a bit startled. "I was thinking that you were speaking about the kind of love that you see in the movies! You know...passionate kisses, strolls in the park, candlelight dinners!"

"No Reg. I'm talking about AGAPE. My love. It is the kind of love that is unconditional, spontaneous, and continual. No strings attach. An IN DWELLING." He said.

"Oookay!" I said, trying desperately to look as if I understood.

"Don't worry Reg" God said. "I think that you will do just fine Let's begin."

At that point, I started twirling for some reason. Twirling, twirling, and twirling some more. Waves of childlike laughter overwhelmed me. I was just having the best time! When I became dizzy...I stopped. I stood right in front of a picture of a lil gurl with God in her eyes. "SARAH!", I yelled out! That's why I was twirling! Sarah was THE PRINCESS OF TWIRLING! It was her favorite thing. Sarah could twirl ANYWHERE. At the beach, on the Opera House stairs, in stores, and on sidewalks. It was all the same to her! And she did it with a smile filled with laughter. Nor did she care if she fell over into a joyous heap!

Well, there she was, smiling back at me in the most beautiful picture that I have ever seen. I picked it up and kissed it. Let me tell you something about my friend Sarah. The fruit of The Spirit? The beautiful characteristics that we see in Christ? Yep, she has them all (well, as much as any human angel could have at least!): joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control." Her whole being exuded the LOVE OF GOD.

I caught my breath. Could it be Sarah? Was SHE everlasting love? "GOD! I found it! Everlasting love. It is here! Right here in my lil angel friend Sarah! " I said.

"Sarah is the treasure. AM I right God?"

God looked at me, smiled and we both cried ot together "ITS ALL LOVE!". I fell into His arms bent over in laughter and joy! I had found it...everlasting love. Not candlelight dinners and walks through the park but TRUE LOVE. God's love!

And there I was holding a picture of the little girl who possessed the spirit so profoundly and deeply AND I was in GOD'S arms! A very delicious moment in time.

After a while, God gently guided me to the middle of the living room floor again. "What's the next treasure to find God?"

"Humility." He said. "And I'd like for you to search in here."

I looked over and saw Him placing, on the floor, the most beautiful treasure chest imaginable. It reminded me of one that a Pirate would have been happy to find as he sailed the deep blue seas on his journey. "What is this, God?" I asked.

"It is where I keep my very special mementos," He said. "Here, have a look. See what you can find. Just be gentle. You will find that humility is delicate in many ways. However, at it core you will find true and great strength."

At that point I saw a beautiful light in His eyes. "Wow" I thought. "Whatever I am looking for must be truly special to God. And loved."

I began to search through God's very own personal momentos. Tucked away in the corner, at the bottom, I saw a glowing beautiful cloth. I picked it up and proceeded to unwrap it. What was inside took my breath away. It was the most loving pair of eyes that I had ever seen. I took them out of their protective covering and placed first one, and then the second one on the palm of my hand. I raised my hand to eye level and peered into them. They were strikingly deep of in colour. Like God's night sky with twinkling stars. Kind, meek, gentle, and strong. Humility pervaded them. Yes, this is what I was seeking. Humility. Right there. In a pair of eyes which looked like the sparkling dark ocean's surface. A Pirate's delight. A true treasure.

I turned to God, knelt on my knees, bowed my head, and lifted my hand to Him so He could view the eyes. I said softly, "Lord, I think that these are the most humble eyes that I have ever encountered. Is this the treasure?"

"Yes, Reg, and aren't they beautiful?" He asked.

"Yes Lord. Please take them. These eyes should be with you always." I said.

"Yes Reg. You are correct. They normally are. I placed them in your path so that you could partake in their beauty. So that you could "see"." He said.

With that, God gently picked up THE EYES and placed them in His heart.

"There Reg, now they are in the proper place and you had a chance to know of their humility and beauty too." I am pleased.

"Me too, God. Me too." (con't)

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Copyright 208 Regina Y. Evans All Rights Reserved, from the published book Nonnie and The Butterfly

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