Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free Fallin'


evry once in a moonshine blue
the soul tingles a
"man dis here s'alright. it s'alright now chile"
sing it! smile me tenderly. joy!

me, my babies
unusual birth rebirth
theys here now. ain't that cool?!

wrapped in the wondrous
how i got over

and let me tell ya'll
wasnt nuthin easy bout it,
getting here
to the afterbirth zone
listen to me tell,
i had ta fight mightily,
struggle for des here lil ones
(and fo me too)
deys mine, i der momma for sure
eye's born, theys born too
at a great price
ain't no falseness in that spin

didn't hardly
no body wanna know,
or unerstand
but you,
 (and a few)
thank you kindly, Sir.

wHooo weeE,
here me when i say,
me and mine, progeny
scratched, clawed, softly
up from the earth's core
eyes leaking salt,
hurt but steady
 the whole way,
and that's a long yard while

i remember!
we's all hanged on ta my back
fer da ride, wudn't let go,
wrapped up inside my womb
and back again
worked as one, me and my mine
had to.

wanted desperately to see,
breathe the light of freely

ran, ran, and some mo'
kep it up
like pace arrows

on some 24 days
we moved so fast that
we beat the devil running!
now we keep breezin
on unexplainable peace
yes. thank ya. Jesus man
yous s'alright.

i watch, i'm watching
 my babies
float on my fingertips,
they scribbling out a
new taste
the triple unbroken circle

me too
culdn't help it
cus Lawd, i's wild
and freely

free fallin

Copyright 2010 Regina Y. Evans All Rights Reserved (From the published book "Nothing Cool about Ten" by Regina Y. Evans. Available

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