Monday, November 1, 2010

pouring your own cuppa tea

i have decided that one of my pet peeve's is someone who is too afraid to get out there, tell their own story, create with the giftings that has been given to them. instead they latch onto "other than" them/their. they begin to co-opt the "other than" so much so that they begin to see it as one. all the while passing up the beauty that remains in them/he/she. it sleeps. dormant. with a thick coat of dust. waiting to see the warmth and light of day.

there is no power or courage in that. pour your own cup of tea. the change for many rest within that realm.

life offers many mountains to climb. and many of those peaks rests within the beauty of the stories visited by the individual self.

ya feel me?

own your own.

do and be YOU.

one thumbprint. one sound. joins into the heart of many.

well, that is my rant for the day. DO YOU. because there is beauty there. always


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