Thursday, November 18, 2010


if you are building your life, ministry, organization, country, family, etc without a great and deep abiding love for those actually in your sphere...what, in fact, have you gained? anything at all? something of truth? think. think. can you reach for love and, at the same time, erase another's heart? there was once a song. some hated it. some thought of it "Wow!"  i remember it well. went something like this : "ice ice baby, too cold, too cold." Brrrrrrrr.

Pride. it is a dream stealer. and if you are ever faced with it head on? keep walking in love, stay humble (though it may hurt), hold fast to your dreams, do what cha gotta do. Basically this: LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH.

Smile. Don't forget to smile.


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