Friday, March 4, 2011

turtle (or a paint brush)

right now i wish that i were either a turtle or a paint brush.

if i were a turtle then i could pull my legs and head into my shell, read a book in peace, eat m&m's endlessly, and not worry 'bout brushing my teeth. i'd ignore the telephone, sip my fav tea, and think lots about stuff. nothing in particular. just about things that don't try my soul.  i'd sleep soundly like i didn't have a care in the world. and then everything would be totally beautiful.

if i were a paint brush i would dip myself into a river of heaven-made colors. then leap up as far as i could go. hang onto a sunray for awhile. then i'd dancetwirl across the sky.  stroking it with the most vivid of hues for the whole wide world, and beyond, to enjoy.  i'd paint that big ol sky so full of joy and love that it would have no choice but to drip down upon the souls of mankind. and then everything would be totally beautiful.

turtle or paint brush?



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