Monday, April 2, 2012

Mother Wisdom

I had lunch with my Mom today (we do this weekly at our fav restaurants around town) and I asked her for her best advice and wisdom for someone like me who is going into management. She said:

"Well, being a good manager is sometimes the difference between being a hard task master and a fool. A hard task master will bring out the best in their workers and allow them to shine. They guide them into being the best that they can be. A hard task master is someone that will impart knowledge and train their workers...and let them "fly" even if it means that they will leave and go onto a better job. A hard task master want workers to be in a position that they have learned enough so that they can "fly" in their career and do an extraordinary job. They also are adept at making workers feel appreciated and a valued part of the team.

A fool will operate from the principle of black and white, they will take credit for their workers hard work, they don't help their workers to become stars, they will be angry and vindictive if their workers leave for greener pastures, they are selfish and want all the glory for themselves. In many ways they are just...silly. You see, a fool is just that...a fool."

And well...that was great advice. My Mom has a Doctorate in Education with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior. I thought her advice would be more, well, stilted. As I interpret her means that every human desires to feel wanted and needed. Appreciated. And a part of the team. It is each of our responsibility to help others shine. So that their giftings can be borne out. I loved her advice. My Mom has been a mentor to many successful individuals. As for me, I think that I will take her advice as I walk the management terrain.

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