Tuesday, October 25, 2011


thankful that i am a buttafly. This was not always the case. Many peeps have suggested to me that i was not grounded. today i am happy that my spirit leaps jumps flies and somersaults. no i am not grounded. never have been and never will b cus my destiny is sky high. and i can only reach it in the embrace of flight. BE YOU. CELEBRATE LIFE.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

life is....


ain't that grand?

leaning in to

a scrumptious

waterfall of yes.

my, my. MY!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

love rant

i am dreaming again about many things: writing, designing. colorfully loud beauty. brilliant creative strokes. the fascination of wisdom.......

....well, i had to "86" several people from my life to be able to get to this release space and i encourage you to do the same if need be. i think sometimes we are afraid to do such a thing. but, i believe that there comes a point in life when and if  there are those around you who bring an unending  negative impact then you need to "untie the rope" (as Tyler Perry wrote once).

look, you have only one life. this is not a dress rehearsal. its the real deal and its your gift! your life was bequeathed to you by the Divine. each and every life deserves to feel the beautiful touch of joy and love. so surround yourself with those who will love you unconditionally, those who will help you heal and mend, with those who make you smile and laugh, and those who you can grow with as you traverse the horizons of life.

let life love you.  journey more and more into the heart of love. it is how it is supposed to be. here's to learning creatively and openly receiving. love.

Monday, August 29, 2011

to the left.right.

lookin' in real close to see what makes my soul laugh, learning the what's what of ticklin' the soles of my feet till they sing out a long chuckle, wanting to know what makes my eyes flicker out a stroke of beauty. finding me. swaying me. to the left. right. and back again. -peaceD


i feel speechless. i'm losing my breath. this is a good thing. god is "strumming my heart with his fingers". i'm falling like goodness to the deep red earth... -peaceD

Saturday, August 27, 2011


the dawn spoke an introduction
and i met my love, again.
at the line of this new day
we shook hands. and
decisively it spilled forth
to place a lavish cooling kiss
upon the soles of my feet.
an occurence that i have desperately missed
for some untold years now.

as it unfolded in wisdom
across the bend of my soul,
i felt a seeping kindness
invade and hijack the cracks of my heart.
as if to shore up the ditches and
valleys left by past blistered marks
of grief's pain.

gently it sang out an operatic verse
of compassion. penned
uniquely for my open pure hearing.
it then reached upon the sky,
grabbed a white feather crayon and
swam out a "thank you". 
for waiting patiently
in tears.
for still desiring
its touch.

in that moment
humility brought the horizon
to dusk. and mercy promised to
hold me forever.

believing in the forever certain
of such a thing grandly caught me
by beautiful surprise.
it felt of the taste of melted blended
buttery chocolate on a breezychilled day.

in rested response, 
my delight fullness bowed back in awe.
and eternal grace led me
in a dance for the ages of time
to come.


(From the poetry book "Not Igual" by Regina Y. Evans, available soon on http://www.smashwords.com/, Copyright 2011)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

poem: you know

dear Lord
where have my eyes been
where has my spirit rested
how could I have denied myself
the delight of loving you
i have no words
but, yet
you know.
i wake in the day’s dawn
loving you
sending kisses
towards the heavens
as my lids shut
to the night’s darkness
boldly in love
you know.
dear Lord
do you hear the love
in my heart
can you see the desire
in my eyes
are you sensing the delight
in my soul
i ask you
do you know
you know.
is my love
for you definable
please understand
i ache to know you
to see the beauty of your grace
do you know
dear Father
you know.
the love of my heart
is profoundly
beyond thought surpassing comprehension
it is the peace of
resting in your
gentle wing
the sweetness of your
warm embrace
do you feel the depths
of my love
for you
i can give you
in comparison to the
love, joy, mercy
that has been placed in my
you love me so
how wonderful
you know.
you know.

(from the poetry book, "Nonnie And The Butterfly", by Regina Y. Evans, Copyright 2008)

My Beloved One is Mine, St. Teresa of Avila

I gave myself to Love Divine,
And lo! my lot so changed is
That my Beloved One is mine
And I at last am surely His.
When the sweet Huntsman from above
First wounded me and left me prone,
Into the very arms of Love
My stricken soul forthwith was thrown.
Since then my life's no more my own
And all my lot so changed
That my Beloved One is mine
And I at last am surely His.

*read more of her poetry here: http://www.poetry-chaikhana.com/T/TeresaofAvil/index.htm#PoemList

Monday, August 22, 2011

something good

"got love on my heart, gigging in my mind, blinkin' my eyes, singin' to my lips, and plucking my spirit. just generally. no specific target. it feels psychedelically atmospheric. yes. and i've decided that this time i will let it stay and grow (cus, ya know...sometimes we do like to do a runner from the caress of love...). so excited to see the new poetry that will flow forth. like a river that twists through the sands of time. gosh, its great to be alive."


Friday, August 19, 2011

red ruby slippers

today feels historic. i am not sure why but it feels as if the earth has been cut in two. top to bottom. revealing a beautiful golden wing of wisdom. and i am to climb upon its softness away (and beyond) to another space and zone.  ‎a place where i have never been. but it knows my name. it has been waiting for me. for many moons. patiently clinging to hope and wishing for my arrival. so, here i am now. at the threshold of another another existence called part two. I am as ready as i will ever be. -peaceD

*i posted this thought this morning on my facebook page. it really resonated with some of my friends. so, i thought i'd leave it here on my blog as well. it is my closing thought for the day!

The Yellow Brick Road

I have absolutely fallen in massive adoring love with The Golden City. And it loves me back. I never thought that it would be the city to bring me my hearts desire. Sometimes its a great thing to follow the yellow brick road! You never know where you will land. Selah. Stick to your own destiny and journey. It loves you!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Words from my fav Poet Singer, Leonard Cohen and my closing thoughts for the day. 
(Anthem Lyrics)

"Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in..."


(you can watch him perform the song at this youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e39UmEnqY8)

the starfish

i met the most beautiful man a couple of days ago. just by chance. his presence felt like a gift and he absolutely took my breath away. some individuals walk upon a horizon of love. he was of that "world". i felt a shift within me that opened up a well of creativity that was previously lying dormant. sometimes the brush stroke of life swoops in upon us within the delicate palm of a beautiful spirit. and we are lucky enough to be drenched with its sweetness. such was the case with the one who stood before me for a tock of time. the starfish. i don't know if i will ever see him again. something within me knows that it doesn't even matter. the beauty of the moment was "the matter".  absolute perfection.  and something so powerfully divine that it left my whole being running through joy. and back again.



last night i danced inside the smile of twilight
while my fingertips touched out a new sway of convergence.
 in that symphonic note of timelessness
 the infinity of me realized that it was time
to sketch upon the waters a swelling concerto.
a rising tide.
in deference, i began to conversate calmly with my heart's flow.
we spoke only of beauty and her offspring.
the conclusion of the matter?
we decided that i am lovely.
as are you.
life, it has its way.


Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved, Regina Y. Evans
From the poetry book "Not Igual", by Regina Y. Evans

Sunday, August 14, 2011


** this is a quick write. it has no name. but the feel as i wrote it was this is: flowing. i hope it makes sense as i dare not change it. sometimes words just flow. the poet's life.-peaceD

i speak this:

lead me as if i am just a child
and i will walk behind you
in your shadow
hold me as if there is no tomorrow
and i will melt into your heart
love me with wild and reckless abandon and
i will kiss you forever and 'round again
cover me in your protective grace and
i will lift up and twirl inside of
your profoundness
take my breath away and i will
remember to arise and conquer
the all of what you have destined me to be.
simply, in this moment i desire to arise
and sit within the center of your love.

love me clearly, Divine Father
i. am. your.child.


Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved, Regina Y. Evans

From the poetry book "Not Igual", by Regina Y. Evans

Monday, June 20, 2011

No Limits

" You will begin to touch heaven, Jonathan, in the moment that you touch perfect speed. And that isn't flying a thousand miles an hour, or a million, or flying at the speed of light. Because any number is a limit, and perfection doesn't have limits. Perfect speed, my son, is being there."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

fav quote of the moment......

"...the path to peace does not consist in climbing towards the light in search for power, recognition and greater and greater influence. The path to peace is in the descent towards people as they are with all their limitations and weaknesses." - Jean Vanier

Monday, May 9, 2011

Peaced (Part Two)

I'm shouting my VOICE!

is here and it's mine!

Always say thanks to The One!


Eagles. They do walk, ya know. We fly, we walk, etc, etc, etc

Believe it. believe who GOD says you are. I do!

Bringing dance back to my soul!

"God. He knows bike secrets!"

Love. Love. LOVE!

Just because this is beauty beautiful.

Love. Again. You can never give or get enuf.

Lifting my voice. VOICE. Ya heard??? Yea....

My bestest matey. -peace

I am.....Sho nuff...

Surprise!!!! Found these in my garden this morn! Ahhhhhh!

Ha.ha.HA. ha. HAAAAA!

And, I am off! *whoooosh*


Sunday, May 8, 2011


peace stepped in
and sat right down
in my lap.
grabbed my face
between its letters,
blew something i didn't
know into my eyes
and started laughing!
it was really chuckling, rolling
around on the ground like
a lunatic in joy. it was, well,
something to see.

i was perplexed.
couldn't figure it
out for nothing in the world.
just cus i didn't
recognize this flow.
didn't know that peace
knew how to have fun or
even tell a joke. let alone
be bent over in the middle
of waves of guffaw-ing.

then in a lil while i saw
this lil glimmer. right
in the middle of peaceful's
eye. it started to spread out
like a grand eagle walking.
and then all the sudden
all i could see were wings
opening up into
 it was a mighty sight to reckon.

then it had the nerve to speak!
said, "join me."

all the sudden
this uncontrollable urge
to blast out a down right
raucous and fancy
long riff of laughter
coursed through my

left me all topsy turvy
and back up again. then
rolled me into a ball of
shaking joy.

i tell you, as moments go?
it was a real stunner.

and the kicker?
its still going on in my soul. everlasting.

now, ain't that something?

Copyright 2011, Regina Y. Evans All Rights Reserved

Friday, May 6, 2011


love stretches its fingers
across the rising of the sun.
desiring to plant itself inside
a bundle of sweet peace rays.
finding its core nestled upon
the backneck of delicate hope.
it reaches. lifts up.
to wipe the shine of
humility's justice across its brow.
settling in as a lighthouse for the
brutalized shattered souls.
their feet broken. yet,
trekking towards wholeness.

love splashes upon an ocean
deepened by a multitude
of  twirling sails. singing a siren's
song of faith. sweet delight gingerly
riding on the caressing waves
of curled beauty. morphing into
a harvest of psychedelic
golden streaked crowns. to be
worn by the downtrodden beloved.
the saving grace of beautiful.
finally, the horizon has issued a healing
call on behalf of the lonely.
they shall know truth's joy as
they rest in the arm span of life.

love knows.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Evans, All Rights Reserved

Monday, April 11, 2011

Poem: Called

a voice called her
to the place of decision
a precipice of the journey
of her life

she answered with her everything

stretching and fashioning her body
flat across filthy grounds
a compassionate covering for the
need of those who required a soft
foot map, bridge, guider
to their destiny

day to night
and in between
found the bend
of her back
uniquely built
for the multitude of
the many whosoever

and there she resided
with the painfully
vast stoop over of her own soul,
for so long, so many
passing times

and the lesson of it all
somehow morphed
into a gift of life
allowing for the
reach down, search into
the forever
dank gutters, icy caves
of lost hope and despair

she recognized
and yet she remained
patient and hope filled

smiling slightly as her hands
tossed up the
bruised hidden souls
that languished in the darkness
of empty, no care

she travailed and silenced their wounded ness
upon her heart,
drying everflowing tears
with an apron made of the rags
of her own life's minutes

but serenity surrounds her day graces
as her beautiful knowing touch softly strokes
the terrain of need filled faces
hunger soaked spirits, yearning minds

yes, she is the one,
agape's progeny,
servant to the invisible,
lover of the unloved lovely

the crown belongs to this
blistered beauty, she
who perservered with a
single jeweled thought:
the necessity to love

she is queen of
the forgotten no one
no ones

maid of love


Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Evans, All Rights Reserved (From the poetry book: Nothing Cool About Ten, By Regina Y. Evans)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

i am my brother's keeper....

...and i am learning when God is in the midst of it all you are able to lay yourself aside for the good of another. and this indeed is a very frightening thing. however, you should surrender. God's love is beyond the borders of your being. it is not to be contained by your discomfort or fear. truly, your life is not your own when you walk with Christ. selah

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my own me

last night i danced
my own me
my beauty reigned in my sway
my own me
realized that it was time to sketch my song
my own me
conversated with my heart's flow
my own me
we decided that i am lovely
my own me

life, it has its way.....


Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Evans All Rights Reserved

Friday, April 1, 2011

signing off

i watched and watching
as watch looked up
watching not watched.


the best i can tell is that
this kind of madness
 happens when watching
watches what don't watch
watching watch. or watched.


me too.

so, you see why
i gotta chase my peace?

been watching watches
not watch the watching
of the watched. watch
for too long.

in fact....

the cow done watched
itself jump over the moon
which was watching
the sheep count
themselves while
rip van winkle decided
to watch his own winks
wake up and go back
to sleep again. on my watch.

i'm all watched out.

peace be still.


Copyright 2011 Regina. Y. Evans All Rights Reserved

Saturday, March 26, 2011

just a thought (encouragement)

what is for you will not pass you by. it is a blessing bequeathed to you. yes, for you. and YES, for you to utilize as a tool of hope for others. be wise. pray right. forgive. love.

you have to really know and understand that what God has for you is for His purposes. for His reasons. and absolutely nothing can stand in opposition to the will of the Father.

you have your momentum. take flight.
welcome to your destiny.

its time.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my MY

looked out the window
this morning in joy
wanting so much
to soak in
the rain's kisses

have 'em drip upon
my heart. needed
the cool river to
course across my sigh

got myself a surprise though..

had to squint, blink quick
squint some more
cus my eyes had
caught a glimpse of something
running, tripping almost
seemed like
it was movin mightily fast

looked like a, a grin
yes, it was....
and it was slyly glancing
back at me as i was
peering at it

i had to pause
compute why that grin
was. grinning. wiped my eyes
clear and zeroed in.
then noticed that grin thing
was walking off with
all my MY.

"when dat grin been
in my house", i pondered?

couldn't remember
decided it musta been that time i forgot
to put my faith on lockdown....

i sucked my breath in
ever so hard, girded my feet
opened the window sassily
looking at that grin like it was crazy.
jumped up and out
like superwoman
on a mission

ran after that grin so smooth
that i gave it a big fright
so much that it turned itself
into a shrillmouth scream

Lawd Jesus! i tell you that
thing threw up its hands and ran
like a lie always does. trying
ta find some cover.

that was more than
alright with me
yes, yes.
i waved it a good, good-bye.
found myself happy
cus in the course
of it all that grinturnedshrill had released
my MY. dropped it right on the red earth

there is was. all tussled up, in a heap
i let it be for awhile
wanted it to be free to turn over, into
the truth of the matter
before i picked it up again

in a lil while i stooped over
and collected it all. piece by piece.
we embraced. i looked up
arms around  my MY
all the while.
held my face to
the tears that
was drippin' down
 i felt them sing.
started my journey back inside,
grabbed a hold
of my wayward faith on the way.
found myself crossing
a threshold of peace
as my soul,
sighed rightly
and i smiled
at the reign
of things to come

my, my MY


note: hold on to your promises...your my MY! trust that the Lord loves you enough to bring it all about. and when the day happens? rejoice! and use your blessings to drop some sunshine into the lives of those in your sphere of influence. pray, forgive, forgive yourself, love, trust. trust. your God day has smiled upon you. today. selah.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Evans, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


and the river began to flow
somewhere between the tick of the midnight hour
and the dawn's light
didn't you feel the source of faith
racing through the all that
you are destined to become?
i did
and it kissed your name
upon my very wrists


note: for the broken sex trafficked beloved. you are not forgotten. we are coming after you. God. He knows your name. selah.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Evans, All Rights Reserved 

Monday, March 7, 2011


today i did something
completely selfless
i let go of "my"
and glory stayed

her moment is over
His has begun


Friday, March 4, 2011

turtle (or a paint brush)

right now i wish that i were either a turtle or a paint brush.

if i were a turtle then i could pull my legs and head into my shell, read a book in peace, eat m&m's endlessly, and not worry 'bout brushing my teeth. i'd ignore the telephone, sip my fav tea, and think lots about stuff. nothing in particular. just about things that don't try my soul.  i'd sleep soundly like i didn't have a care in the world. and then everything would be totally beautiful.

if i were a paint brush i would dip myself into a river of heaven-made colors. then leap up as far as i could go. hang onto a sunray for awhile. then i'd dancetwirl across the sky.  stroking it with the most vivid of hues for the whole wide world, and beyond, to enjoy.  i'd paint that big ol sky so full of joy and love that it would have no choice but to drip down upon the souls of mankind. and then everything would be totally beautiful.

turtle or paint brush?



Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Evans All Rights Reserved

Thursday, March 3, 2011

it and just that

if you stop short
that ain't love

its just....
something else

cain't explain it
but i know

in the all

not the you
could never
because of
the "it"

"it" don't count
when love
begins to wave
her wand

all borders
melt away

into the
what can
necessarily be

just that.


note: love should fly freely. look around. there are plently of broken folks out there (including you, me, us) that need the embrace of love's unending warm touch. be that. forget the "it" and run like the wind. unhindered.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Evans All Rights Reserved

Monday, February 21, 2011

the what's what of sista friends

self esteem. an elusive and hard to corral wild beast of a bird. such is the case if one does not possess the inner road map that leads you to the ability to rest your being upon its soft color filled wings. and what she warrior is birthed with the jewel called self esteem in her heart?  apparently all of us and let's define it as self love. from beyond time, did not the almightly whisper to us "i formed you, i fashioned you. you are mine. and i love what is mine." so we can conclude that the highest form of love roams within us from before the beginning. and, hence, shouldn't such a beautifully blended love letter be enough to lead us into the ocean of loving oneself. if the creator of all and all and everything's thing love's us, we should follow suit. comon sensical thinking. nevertheless, many feminine of this world know that for a long yard while of our lives such words take up residence only within our ear drums. sitting and travelling no further. unable to muster up the courage of flight. and this reticence leaves us with a choice:  stay inside a slow death of unknowing the known of love or leap with no expectation of landing into knowing the known of love. free will.

life. well it has its way of choosing around your fear. so does the divine. thankfully. eventually that rare treasure of love happens upon us through the course of traversing up and down (and sideways back again) the dusty streets of life. and eventually, eventually,  we spy it and are invited to stroke its back in joy. we are lucky. for this reason: as we run, twirl, frolick within life's ticks and tocks, the divine bequeaths to us sista friends who take on the mantle of holding you up until you determine that your being is going to grab a hold of love's brass ring. these beauties are there for you until, and even after, you see your way fit to hug loveliness. until and even after.

sista friends. they are the stuff that gorgeous-ness is made of: mosaics and recipes of love. if you lift up the lid and peer into their souls you will find quite a mixture: tell you off in a minute mouths, hold you when your man acts up arms (and when you act up, truth be told..), feed you when you only have saltines and mustard hands, and give your weary head a place to rest mentalities. and the ultimate: they often send their joy your way because they know that on your own joy is having a heck of a time getting an audience with your spirit. selah.

ah yes. sista friends. they are a state of mind and to be found all over the globe. even in far away places such as australia. i found such beautiful treasures in that land. my second home referred to as the land down under. or as one of the first white settlers called it: terra australis del espiritu santu. in english: the great south land of the holy spirit. to aborigines it is the land of the dreaming.  for aborigines the dreaming is when their ancestral beings moved across the land and created life and significant geographic features. dreaming stories pass on important knowledge, cultural values and belief systems to later generations. through song, dance, painting and storytelling which express the dreaming stories, aborigines have maintained a link with the dreaming from ancient times to today, creating a rich cultural heritage.**

so, i felt extremely lucky to have the divine bring me to such a land to live. filled with the spirit, the dreaming, cutural richness, storytelling, dance and song. yes, i loved (love) that land. and it loved (loves) me back. it can only be considered a blessing of massive proportions to count amongst my very own gaggle of sista friends some amazingly wise aborginal women. i felt informed and molded by their zest for life and love. they taught me. i listened. i felt a great connection. like a braided rope of eternity. our generational lines had much in common. many were the progeny and echoes of rape. my own american ancestry screams from the core of the earth that very same wail. they come from the tree of oppression and subjugation. strange fruit. it knows the name of my people too. and their blood knew something about suffering under the "curse" of you are denied, not seen, not heard, and just go over there and shut your mouth chile cus you are worthless (worth less...).  oooo wee! now, i know my momma's momma's momma knew something of such things. yes, she sho' nuff did. once,  i heard her tell me about it all in a dream. like a warning. trying to help me to wade through the muck until i could learn how to stir the waters.

these aborginal sista friends understood. and they began to teach me the goodness of me. they started me on a "journey of me" and i began to discover something important. simply this:  i am enough. they spoke into my life the things of inner peace and grabbed me by the arm, setting me firmly on a course of healing. through their sweet songs and  joyous dance. my feet learned a new kind of strength move. release. and my vocal chords sang out the songs of their heritage and culture. it is said that the word rapha, in hebrew,  means to mend, to stitch. i believe it because it seemed that the almighty jehovah rapha was patiently, through creativity and love, teaching my heart that it was okay to be free from hurt. i was learning. yes, these brown sista friends from another terra were fascinating. indeed.

i must admit, however,  that their words of peace and of being enough took years to sink in. i was a hard nut to crack. all anxiety dabbed in fear. but they were relentless.  patient. like neverending drips of water upon a rock. eventually it bursts open. eventually i burst open. love. it gets you every time. years later i have learned to sit still, to be at peace, and to tap into the divine.  i am still learning that i am enough. i am much closer to a fuller realization of this, however. and, i believe once my spirit grabs onto the notion that God is enough...i will be off and running.

many things i don't know. but one that i do know is this: anytime the almighty walks beauty onto your path...you always come out on the winning side. your very being awakens to the possibility of your own spirit swimming in the same warmth. and beyond.

so, dance a little, sing alot. hold on because he is doing a new thing. in you.

its all a matter of love and that is the what's what of sista friends.



**information on the dreaming via: www.cultureandrecreation.gov.au

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poem: Steep Traverse

He ribboned the hues of His heart
into the hope of your promise
blew into your fingers the techniques
of compassion
covering your very being with the strength
to stand

and then one day He determined,
called you to traverse upon the ladder
placed upon the earth's vertical wall
your toes responded
the waters drew back
drying their tears as you tipped into
their rocky river bed of dangerous faith

your each step reverberating out
the cries of perserverance
dotting the blazing horizon with
the covenant of life
the open seal of the graceful blue above
sponging your crown

the fascination of rebirth
the strength to walk long
the journey of a precipice

birthed during the climb


Copyright 2010, Regina Y. Evans (from the poetry/short stories ebook Nothing Cool About Ten, available for free on http://www.smashwords.com/)

Poem: Stage Right

he danced
and i rested
in awe of the simplicity
of his movements
peaceful in the wash of his taps

i reached for his right hand
and he stenciled my heart
into his palm
twirling me into the
place where freedom
runs forever

he taught me
the possibilities
from the spoken end
to the
certain beginning
and all
because my desire
lite a candle
the surrender
of yes

Copyright 2010, Regina Y. Evans (from the ebook Nothing Cool About Ten, available for free on http://www.smashwords.com/)

Monday, January 17, 2011


"Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Champion of peace, Prince of love
Trumpet player of the beautiful notes
of non violence.
"Silenced" by evil attached to
a bullet of indifference.
Rest In Peace"


Copyright 2010, Regina Y. Evans, All Rights Reserved. Excerpt from the poem: Remembering Oscar. From the E book "Nothing Cool About Ten". Published and available at http://www.smashwords.com/


"If we are going to make any kind of progress then we are going to have to squeeze the slave out of ourselves."
** quote taken from the bigraphical movie on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (showing today on TV One)

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Mom: Singing Her Garden

Today I had such an amazing experience. I am currently deepening my play: Echo: A Poetic Journey into Justice (which brings awareness to how our youth in America are brutalized by sex trafficking/slavery).

Echo utilizes the beauty of African American Spirituals and Gospels. So, I was prayerfully searching out new music to give the play an added "kapow!".

I was listening to a song called  "God Will Take Care Of You" and my Mom came into the room and started singing away! She was such a happy little bluebird. Chirping!  I had actually forgotten that this was my Mom's favorite church song as a child. She loves, loves, loves this song.

She was just a busy singing...and I was just a busy soaking up the moment. Spirit gliding ("like a 747....").

Truly, it isn't everyday that your Mom stands besides you and sings "God Will Take Care Of You." And then she proceeded to grab the African American Heritage Hymnal book off of the shelf and belts out a flurry of additional songs: Page 127 - Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee, Page 471 - Precious Lord, Take My Hand. I am beginning to see a theme here......


I recognized the moment for the beauty that soared upon its back. It made me smile in my spirit and at the playfulness of The Almighty.

My Mom and I are very different. We clash a bit. She is holds a Doctorate, is whip smart, perfectly coiffed and attired at 9am in the morning. A former Educator of a whirlwind,  take no guff, doesn't suffer fools easily, straight to the point, and all around awesome of the awesomeEST kinda lady. And I, well, hmmm, I am a romantic, creative type, who loves to do my poetic thing in my PJ's at 5am, vintage-loving-Goodwill-shopping, animal lover, writer who has slept on many floors with a blanket (sometimes a coat), and often share lunch with my friend King who is habitually homeless. I love King. He calls me Queen and gave me a copy of Dante's Inferno the first time we met.

In my own defense, I clean up really well, so I've been told, my mirror mirror says so too. But basically I am the most comfortable in a pair of 7 For Humanity Jeans (gifted to me by my Mom as I would have purchased a five dollar pair from Goodwill), my fav low black 1940 style heels (gosh, also gifted to me by my Mom and I am beginning to see another theme here....), black sweater (yes. Mom again.), or a tee shirt (That's from me!), and my $14.99 100 percent black cashmere coat from the 1960's that I treasure hunted at Goodwill.

The coat saga is a whole 'nother story: I basically had to fight my Mom to "allow" me to buy my coat from Goodwill as opposed to the oo-la-la place where she thought I should make such a purchase. It was a great great nano-second when she first saw my sleek looking beaut of a coat. She was happily surprised. I just know it. I saw her eyes smile. Sure did.

In truth, I think the smile stemmed from  my stubbornness over it all. You see, stubbornness flows in my blood, gene pool. Throughout the generations of my family's history. African American/Cherokee from Alabama. Sure nuff we are a stubborn lot. Had to. Had to be. Flows through the rivers of Mom's side of the family. My Granddaddy was notorious for standing up for his rights. I've heard stories about guns being drawn between White and Black. White cops, Black Granddaddy. Never a good mix back in the day. Granddaddy was determined to survive. Apparently, he had lots of guns. He was good at eyeballing and standing his ground. Stubborn about being able to feel the flow of humanity's embrace. Mom is the same. Me too. We come by it honestly. Selah.

I digress. Back to wardrobe chat. Lighter fare. Indeed. Mom is more of a Chanel, Louis Feraud, Maud Frizon, Hermes Scarf kinda woman. And funny, those were all gifted from me! Interesting. There was a time in my life where I actually had a booming business/vintage clothing shop. Mom was my perfect target for gifts because she loves (is) beauty. Naturally, I bought her beautiful things. I also learned during this time to send her poetry written on cut out paper hearts. I didn't want her to get too too spoiled with stuff. After all. I think she secretly liked the poetry much better than the ca-ching ching things. The jury is still out on that.

The one thing that Mom and I have in common, besides our stubborn nature,  is that we are both passionately tenacious. Oh yes and also we both have a heart for helping kids. And we both have a sweet tooth. And probably we are both bossy (she more than me..of course...) And... And... And.... Differently the same. I suppose.

Whatever the case may be, today God graciously delivered to us the same beautiful moment. A blended love song. Time slices itself into lovely when one hears her Mother sing her own childhood memories. Sweet. I can just imagine her as a little pretty girl: dressed in her Sunday Best, sun kissed glistening choclate drop skin, frocked out in pink, ribbons in her hair, shiny black patent leather shoes, and the prerequisite frilly girly handbag (complete with a hanky, a handful of peppermints, and coins for the offering plate)

Gorgeous little fire child.

Lovely. Cherished.


2011 Copyright ReginaY. Evans, All Rights Reserved (From the forthcoming Book: "Progeny and Me")

Friday, January 7, 2011

unknown (for the sex trafficked beloved)

*should the sex trafficked beloved remain unknown? think about it. deeply. deep-ish. thank you.


notes paced away
from playing my sound,
in tune, out of sync

the empathy of you
floated by
never touching
our stance of blue.

your clouded thoughts
highlighted our weak beats,
desiring not the strum
of our melody in totality.

but next year, day
time will call out to sing
the passion of me,

it will paint my senses
alive with
depth, hue, tone,
until i am complete.

but this second, moment
you never knew.
i am
unknown, unknown.


Copyright Regina Y. Evans 2010 All Rights Reserved ( from The Play: Echo A Poetic Journey into Justice and from the published ebook "Nothing Cool About Ten", available on http://www.smashwords.com/) You can read more about Echo: A Poetic Journey into Justice at this blog entry: