Monday, May 9, 2011

Peaced (Part Two)

I'm shouting my VOICE!

is here and it's mine!

Always say thanks to The One!


Eagles. They do walk, ya know. We fly, we walk, etc, etc, etc

Believe it. believe who GOD says you are. I do!

Bringing dance back to my soul!

"God. He knows bike secrets!"

Love. Love. LOVE!

Just because this is beauty beautiful.

Love. Again. You can never give or get enuf.

Lifting my voice. VOICE. Ya heard??? Yea....

My bestest matey. -peace

I am.....Sho nuff...

Surprise!!!! Found these in my garden this morn! Ahhhhhh!

Ha.ha.HA. ha. HAAAAA!

And, I am off! *whoooosh*


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