Sunday, May 8, 2011


peace stepped in
and sat right down
in my lap.
grabbed my face
between its letters,
blew something i didn't
know into my eyes
and started laughing!
it was really chuckling, rolling
around on the ground like
a lunatic in joy. it was, well,
something to see.

i was perplexed.
couldn't figure it
out for nothing in the world.
just cus i didn't
recognize this flow.
didn't know that peace
knew how to have fun or
even tell a joke. let alone
be bent over in the middle
of waves of guffaw-ing.

then in a lil while i saw
this lil glimmer. right
in the middle of peaceful's
eye. it started to spread out
like a grand eagle walking.
and then all the sudden
all i could see were wings
opening up into
 it was a mighty sight to reckon.

then it had the nerve to speak!
said, "join me."

all the sudden
this uncontrollable urge
to blast out a down right
raucous and fancy
long riff of laughter
coursed through my

left me all topsy turvy
and back up again. then
rolled me into a ball of
shaking joy.

i tell you, as moments go?
it was a real stunner.

and the kicker?
its still going on in my soul. everlasting.

now, ain't that something?

Copyright 2011, Regina Y. Evans All Rights Reserved

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