Saturday, August 27, 2011


the dawn spoke an introduction
and i met my love, again.
at the line of this new day
we shook hands. and
decisively it spilled forth
to place a lavish cooling kiss
upon the soles of my feet.
an occurence that i have desperately missed
for some untold years now.

as it unfolded in wisdom
across the bend of my soul,
i felt a seeping kindness
invade and hijack the cracks of my heart.
as if to shore up the ditches and
valleys left by past blistered marks
of grief's pain.

gently it sang out an operatic verse
of compassion. penned
uniquely for my open pure hearing.
it then reached upon the sky,
grabbed a white feather crayon and
swam out a "thank you". 
for waiting patiently
in tears.
for still desiring
its touch.

in that moment
humility brought the horizon
to dusk. and mercy promised to
hold me forever.

believing in the forever certain
of such a thing grandly caught me
by beautiful surprise.
it felt of the taste of melted blended
buttery chocolate on a breezychilled day.

in rested response, 
my delight fullness bowed back in awe.
and eternal grace led me
in a dance for the ages of time
to come.


(From the poetry book "Not Igual" by Regina Y. Evans, available soon on, Copyright 2011)

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