Sunday, August 14, 2011


** this is a quick write. it has no name. but the feel as i wrote it was this is: flowing. i hope it makes sense as i dare not change it. sometimes words just flow. the poet's life.-peaceD

i speak this:

lead me as if i am just a child
and i will walk behind you
in your shadow
hold me as if there is no tomorrow
and i will melt into your heart
love me with wild and reckless abandon and
i will kiss you forever and 'round again
cover me in your protective grace and
i will lift up and twirl inside of
your profoundness
take my breath away and i will
remember to arise and conquer
the all of what you have destined me to be.
simply, in this moment i desire to arise
and sit within the center of your love.

love me clearly, Divine Father
i. am. your.child.


Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved, Regina Y. Evans

From the poetry book "Not Igual", by Regina Y. Evans

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