Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the strength to love

i painted a dream. It kissed itself upon the sky. 
1095 moons and 1094 suns heralded its existence.
but on the curve of the arc one day
destiny twinkled and counterclockwised me. 
left me sitting upon a nod of once was disappeared inside the no longer.
life decided me. i slept  until my heart's eyes could part the river once more.
at a notion and 12 hours ago, the tick of the early dawn yawned opened.
I felt the yes now is nigh of long awaited recompense sit across my soul. 
took time, and it, and me, a lil while for us all to feel the heat of mutual comfort.
we had been not acquainting ourselves to the others in a long swim of time. 
the day slow burned the yes of us into one. on simmer in the ocean deep.
the moment sang so sweetly. low tuned and gentle in continuum.
leaving my soul to leak out the that which had been withheld
and yet now floating into the, it was you were, always meant to be.
the circled revolutions of my feet shimmered languidly into
the "yes it will be" of the red horizon. dot dot dot...
and the beat of my new day hushed my grief.
realizing me into the no walls truth of me.
i had never died. 
my passionate dream had just been on wait.
praying for a me to become the necessity of courage.
letters that could rule the terrain that dared to move 
under the power of my life steps.
i am the strength to love.


By Regina Y. Evans But For You

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