Tuesday, November 9, 2010


He ribboned
the hues of His heart
into the hope of your promise
blew into your fingers
the techniques of compassion
covering your very being
with the strength to stand
and then one day
He determined, called
you to traverse upon the
ladder placed upon the earth's
vertical wall
your toes responded
the waters drew back
drying their tears
as you tipped into
their rocky river bed of
dangerous faith
your each step reverberating out
the cries of perserverance
dotting the blazing horizon
with the covenant of life
the open seal of the graceful
blue above sponging your crown
the fascination of rebirth
the strength to walk long

the journey of a precipice
birthed during the climb


Copyright 2010 Regina Y. Evans, All Rights Reserved, from the published book "Nothing Cool About Ten" by Regina Y. Evans

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