Thursday, November 25, 2010

copy kat

wus wonderin if you finding
your own stride
or you still tryin ta co-opt mine?

you know why you
always runnin out of breath?

cus u never suckin in ur own breeze

alwayz reachin for
somebodie elses wind

and it keep tippin back to its owner
rightfully so

but time gon come round
tomorrow though.
for you especially.

gon bring you an
hour and a half of courage
for a start

so g'wan now
rite writely
bes bold

cus its a beat
out there
in need
of your stroke

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(Ack! It just really annoys me when someone deliberately copies my writing style. Seriously, shouldn't folks at least say "Hey, such and such has been a help to me in terms of my writing." For goodness sake! it is such a precious space for me...and it feels like a violation. It also saddens me because creativity is such a God given gift and we should all work to develop what has been placed inside our own unique spirit. There is a reason why it is there!  Well, you can try to wear someone elses coat...but it will never fit or fly. Just the way it tis. Cus what is meant for you? Its for you to birth. Gotta come through your own womb.  So, don't be afraid of your own true giftings! There is beauty in the uniqueness of that!)

Copyright Regina Y. Evans All Rights Reserved (From the book "Nothing Cool About Ten")

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