Tuesday, November 23, 2010


there was a time
when i thought that
the joy of an embrace
would melt my soul
i hungered for a glance that would
see the beauty of my eyes, my lips
i dreamed of the day
when i could wake and
gently kiss the
eyelids of my lover
walking my fingers across
his soul
brushing the curve of his back
with my spirit
this morning
my heart yearns to see the
face of the
divine Father
His pure presence
the simplicity of His love
leaving me awash in
unfathomable delight
here, now
my soul wishes to know
the beauty of my Master
to free fall into His spirit, wrapped in His arms,
safely nestled under His wing
fully aware that He is
incapable of not loving me
yesterday, today, tomorrow
i belong to Him

*i wrote this poem such a long time ago now...2004....and then included it in my first poetry book in 2008!  i still love this poem. it keeps me focused on what is necessary, what is true, what is right. love. true love, its necessary*
Copyright 2008 Regina Y. evans All Rights Reserved (from the poetry book Nonnie And The Butterfly)

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