Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Thing: Choice

today i am just thinking about how much does someone  love. ever gotten weary of "loving?" i have. from head to toe.

i woke up thinking about this lovin' thing and then read a post from my friend JOY (that's her nickname cus she is awesome!) and that just confirmed it. i have made choices in love, friendship and life to lay myself  bare. and ya'll know what happens when you assume that posture. you are a magnet for it all: the good and the bad. and often the downright ugly. and so many times the gorgoeusly sweet! so, yes, i've been poorly treated and i have been amazingly loved.

in my older age, i fasten on tightly to the notion of choice. i have a choice to walk away from someone's bullshit cus "they tripping". or I have a choice to stick around and see what kinda crazycrap or compassionatezeal  has taken up residence in their being. or to just stay and learn love and be love. or just leave and learn love and be love. choice. its a trip, isn't it?! either way, i learn  about myself. my failings, my strengths. whatever the case may be. it is a time of growth.

i have recently begun a journey of reconnecting with my family. and this is a journey that i choose willingly to remain upon. through it all. good. and the aweful! so we will see! my choice, i chose. wisely. blood is blood.

yesterday my big sis gave me a new pair of shoes. as she handed them to me she said "You will be able to walk long distances in these. They are very comfortable." And, yes, they are comfortable and quite fabulous to look upon. So, why the shoe story? Well, for me it was a beautiful moment. Something I would have missed out on if  i had made the choice of "turning the key" in another direction. And, big sis/lil sis minutes are just special. everyone knows that!

is there a moral to this story? yes...sometimes you gotta know when ta hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. know when to walk away and know when to walk long. In your sister's shoes.

live your life.


** Watch out every Tuesday Morning for my new series called This Thing. The series is on "the truth of the matter" of life. This is the first installment. Feel free to leave thoughts, comments, or impressions.

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