Monday, November 22, 2010

You Know

dear Lord
where have my eyes been
where has my spirit rested
how could I have denied myself
the delight of loving you
i have no words
but, yet you know

i wake in the day’s dawn
loving you
sending kisses
towards the heavens
as my lids shut
to the night’s darkness
boldly in love
you know

dear Lord
do you hear the love
in my heart
can you see the desire
in my eyes
are you sensing the delight
in my soul
i ask you
do you know
you know

is my love
for you definable
please understand
i ache to know you
to see the beauty of your grace
do you know
dear Father
you know

the love of my heart
is profoundly
beyond thought surpassing comprehension
it is the peace of
resting in your
gentle wing
the sweetness of your
warm embrace
do you feel the depths
of my love
for you
i can give you
in comparison to the
love, joy, mercy
that has been placed in my
you love me so
how wonderful
you know

you know

Copyright 2008 Regina Y. Evans All Rights Reserved (From the published book Nonnie And The Butterfly)

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