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Part One: The Treasure Hunt

**i wrote this short story, The Treasure Hunt, many moons ago. it appears in my published book: Nonnie And The Butterfly. i love this story! so have a read (it is in three installments) and i hope that you enjoy it too!


The Treasure Hunt

I felt a tap of warm love on my shoulder. It was God: loving, tender, and filled with life. It was also about 2am in the morning! You see, God and I are friends. He is my Father, My Protector and My Great Love. But, yes, we have a very special friendship. Truth be told, God is just simply ALL THINGS. And, well, one of the many things that we love to do together is to play games! The beautiful morning hours are our special time together. Yep, just me and God. God and I. The two of us.

Well, this morning was no different from any other...apparently. "Wake up Reggie", He whispered into my ear. "Yes My Lord? I'm awake. I think," I said with sleep in my voice.

"I have something to ask you," He said as He handed me a cup of hot cocoa.

"Thanks God! May I have four marshmallows in my cocoa, please?" I asked.

"Yes Reg. Four?" He queried.

"Uh huh...four! Thank you!", I responded with a big chocolate smile.

As I sipped, God began to speak (well tried to anyway), "Reg...."

"Hey God", I interrupted, "would you like a sip?".

"No thank you Reg but I AM trying to ask you something. Are you listening or are you speaking? The choice of fewer words is always a wise one, by the way," He said. Then He reached to give me a love tap. Convicted with love! The story of my life with GOD.

"Forgive me God, I'm listening," I said.

"Well, I'd like to play another game with you," God stated.

"FOR SURE! Which one?" I asked excitedly.

"Treasure Hunt!" He said.

"Well, that sounds intriguing! I'm in!" I said through big gulps of cocoa.

"Follow me then", He said. He took my hand gently and I skipped after Him happily. Into the living room we went. "Okay, now close your eyes while I put everything for the Treasure Hunt into place," He said. As He was setting up and creating His game, I decided to say a little prayer. Well, I thought that it might give me a boost during the hunt!

I started, "Dear God, I ask you for your strength and wisdom...."

"No cheating!" God interrupted. "You have to do it all on your own."

"What? Why? How? I don't think that I know how to do anything on my own anymore God!!!!" I panicked.

"Just kidding, Reg!" He said as He roared with divine laughter.

"Yep. That's My God. The one with the huge sense of humour!" I said, shaking my head. "Very funny," I thought as He calmed my nerves.

Not too long after, I felt another one of God's love taps on my shoulder. "Open your eyes", He said. "It is time to seek and find your treasure!"

While this game sounded amazingly fun, at the same time, I was a bit perplexed. "Where do I start Lord?" I asked.

"At the beginning." He responded.

"Thanks God, that, was, erm, to the point. You are an Entity of few words indeed!" I sighed.

"Here, grab My Hand. I'll show you where to start. Right here. Start here."

"Okay, Forever thankful Lord", I said.

I looked to my left, then spun around with a flourish, as one does when one has a tendency to be dramatic, and looked right. Flourish or not, I still couldn't seem to find my way. I was lost already!

"Reg, right here," God said. "Look straight ahead and WALK the path which lies in front of you. But be careful as it is a bit narrow. Wise and calm will keep you in good stead."

As God had instructed, I looked, and walked, straight ahead. But after I took a few steps, and being the clumsy girl that I am, I started to tumble. "Whoa! GOD!" I screamed, dramatically, of course. In the blink of an eye, God reached out, stopped me from falling, and placed me back onto the narrow path. "Are you okay, Reg?" He asked as He looked over me lovingly for any bruising.

"Yes God. I am a little bit shaken, but I am fine. I knew you would catch me though! Thank you...again," I said.

I started off again. I then realised that, while I had an idea of what path to take, well, I had NO idea what I was searching for. "God, what is it exactly that I am searching for? What am I seeking?", I asked.

"TREASURE", He smiled.

Yes, He was certainly a God of few words, I thought to myself.

"I heard your thoughts just then young lady. Just remember: Those who have knowledge use words with restraint," He said.

"Please forgive me Dear Lord but one of my favourite verses says: Apply your heart to instruction, and your ears to words of knowledge," I said. "Can you please help me a bit more, Father?" I asked.

"Certainly! Ask no further! And, nice one by the way", He said. "You've been reading up on me. Good girl! Here, I will give you five clues of instruction:

1) You are looking for "a peace which surpassed all understanding",

2) you must show me the meaning of everlasting love,

3) you must discover humility,

4) you are to find "the calm in the storm". We will call it "contentment". And

5) you must bring patience to me in the palm of your hand."

"What?" I thought. He has thrown the gauntlet down for sure! What a challenge. Well, there are many things that I know about my God and one of those things is this: He is challenging but He never overloads me with things that I can't handle. And, when I am feeling tired I just simply cry out for a GOD-INFUSION (well, most times anyway!)! Yet in still, I was a little bit worried. I then heard God say "Look up!" And as I did, I read FAITH in His eyes. I was ready to begin. But first, I had somethings that I wanted to say to God. I prayed, "You are beautiful and you are amazing. Thank you ever so much for the lessons that I am sure to receive. Please open my heart, Dear Lord so that your knowledge, wisdom and compassion may freely flow into me. I love you. AMEN."

"I know that you love me, Reg", God said. (That made me smile. AMEN)

"Off you go then! Find your special PEACE!" God shouted gleefully. (cont)

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