Thursday, December 2, 2010

just some "reckonings"

reckoning 1

crystal vision
birthed out of
the backside of a storm
stellar sight
in play

reckoning too

bright tears streaked in wonder
because, alas, she didn't miss
instead, she saw, understood
beauty in motion, faith in bloom

reckoning III

compassion's journey
relentlessly found me
yes, i

reckoning for

four corners of the winds
blowing the breeze of
sweetness in my face.
covering my crown.
grace of gifting flowing

reckoning five

tune in the micro speck
of relevant existence


**from time to time i will post reckonings. these reckonings are lil glimpses of my poetry. all the above have been taken from bigger pieces of my poetry and tweaked a bit. basically, whatever catches the eyes of my heart in the moment. there are 5 reckonings for today. five is the number of grace. today i just feel like smiling.

Copyright 2010 Regina Y. Evans All Rights Reserved

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