Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Part Three: The Treasure Hunt

Then, just as suddenly, the wind began to kick up a great fuss in the living room. A mighty storm was brewing in the ceiling above! I looked around to find God but He had disappeared. No matter, I knew that He was still with me. I felt myself being tossed to and fro, back and forwards, and side to side. I tried to scramble under the table but the wind tossed it over and onto on its top. BOOM! A crash of thunder! Lightning and rain filled the room. The wind began to toss me toward the glass sliding door strongly. I was frightened.

"GOD! HELP ME! PLEASE!" I screamed.

"Stand up." I heard a calm voice whisper.

"WHAT??? No way. I'm scared!!!"

"STAND UP!" the voice repeated itself. This time a bit louder.

So, I attempted to stand...wobbling uneasily to my feet. Eventually, I stood. Upright and stable. Right in the middle of the worse storm that one could ever experience in their very own living room!

I began to feel a calmness envelop me. The winds were still raging, the thunder clapping, and the rains pouring. But there I stood. Tall, fearless, and unbowed.

I STOOD STILL. "Yes, I see" I said. "This must be contentment." There is was. Right in the middle of the storm. "Is this it, God?" I yelled over the storms loud clamour. "Is this contentment?"

In an instant the storm subsided. "Yes Reg, contentment it is. Never forget that serenity can be found in the most difficult of times. Just call My Name. I am always with you." He then looked through my eyes and said, "It's simple, lean on me always. My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in weakness."

Then God said, "One more Reg. And My will be done. It is time for you to seek PATIENCE."

"Oh no!" I groaned. "God, really, I don't think that I can find patience."

"Have you learned nothing my child? No, YOU can't find patience. You have tried for 43 years. Your power lies within me. It is there that you will be able to find patience. BY MY SPIRIT," God boomed.

"And by the way, your grumbling is becoming a little bit annoying regarding this issue of patience. I am teaching you a lesson because I LOVE YOU. It is not my intention to hurt you. THAT, in fact, is impossible." God gently then gave me a love tap. Convicted with love. AGAIN!

Truth be told, I still had a grumbling spirit as I went off in pursuit of patience. It had eluded me for most of my life. Why should it be any different now? And, really, I just didn't "feel" like trying to find it AGAIN. Well, as they say, FAITH is not a feeling. It is just something that you do. So I decided to stand on faith and upon God's grace. He had been so good to me. What was there to lose? And besides, He was the BEST playmate that a girl could EVER have! Straight ahead I walked. Onto the narrow path.

I searched high and low...for hours. I looked under the couch (trying not to wake my mother who was still fast asleep.) searched behind all of the books on the shelf, and looked behind all of the pictures on the wall. Well, PATIENCE was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. I searched again. Over and over. EVERYWHERE. I even called it's name, "PATIENCE, come out, come out, where ever you are." It kept hiding.

Much like a spoiled child I stomped my foot (twice, even) in frustration, and plonked down on the floor. Right in front of GOD. I gave Him my best scowl-arms-folded-one-eyebrow-up look.

"Lord", I said exasperated.

"Yes", He of few words replied.

"I simply can't find it!" I pouted.

"Well, what do you do when you can't find something, Reg?", God asked.

"Umm, pray?" I answered.

"Yes, and...."

"OH, and ask! But not before praising your Holy and blessed name, of course!" I said with excitement.

"HALLELUJAH!!!" God roared.

He then reached for my hand and placed PATIENCE right into its palm!!! There it was. Staring at me. Right in my face!

"LORD?" I said.

"YES." He replied.

"Well, no disrespect meant, but it seems kinda' small. In fact, I can hardly see it." I said, humbly, of course.

"Yes, my love. You must believe Me when I tell you that a little bit of my patience goes a very long way!" He chuckled (for some reason). "It is all that you need. It is much like having a mustard seed of FAITH."

"Of course, Lord. Thank you ever so much."

Then God picked up all of my treasures that He had bequeathed to me, tied them together with a big purple bow, and placed them into my heart. (You may remember that I had previously lost my heart to God during another round of game playing! He has been lovingly growing it ever since.)

Well, I was spent. God gently picked me up and placed me in His lap. He said "I love you and you have done well!"

"And you, my child, are one of MY treasures." He then rocked me back to sleep.

ps There is no moral to this story...but I do have a suggestion. Should God come to you with a cup of cocoa at 2am in the morn, make sure that you jump out of your bed with joy and happiness. After all, who knows what GODLY treasures you may find? And don't forget the marshmallows!



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