Friday, January 7, 2011

unknown (for the sex trafficked beloved)

*should the sex trafficked beloved remain unknown? think about it. deeply. deep-ish. thank you.


notes paced away
from playing my sound,
in tune, out of sync

the empathy of you
floated by
never touching
our stance of blue.

your clouded thoughts
highlighted our weak beats,
desiring not the strum
of our melody in totality.

but next year, day
time will call out to sing
the passion of me,

it will paint my senses
alive with
depth, hue, tone,
until i am complete.

but this second, moment
you never knew.
i am
unknown, unknown.


Copyright Regina Y. Evans 2010 All Rights Reserved ( from The Play: Echo A Poetic Journey into Justice and from the published ebook "Nothing Cool About Ten", available on You can read more about Echo: A Poetic Journey into Justice at this blog entry:

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