Thursday, January 6, 2011


i have been finding some fantastic information as i have been expanding my play echo. i once heard a quote that said something like:

"we don't go into our mother's gardens to find out who trampled it. we know that already. we go in search of how they survived and made it. inspite of all the oppression and degradation."

as i expand this play i find this notion a great comfort. so, i have been reading through slave narratives. again. more closely this time. searching for "the how".

one thing that always amazes me about spirituals, gospel, praises that the slaves offered up was their ability to do so through their life storms. praising and workin the fields. praising and being humiliated. honestly, from where i sit...i don't completely understand the fortitude of such a thing...

what i do know is this: in terms of modern day sex trafficking...those who work as abolitionist would do well to assume this posture. praise and work. be thankful for the lil steps. because even the smallest steps lead us closer to grabbing the hand of a child in sex trafficking. and hugging her (him) into the arms of freedom.

best get back to it......

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